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About Viking

As greater numbers of people take to pedal power not only as a pastime but as a means to improve fitness and lifestyle, it is reassuring to know that some cycle brands have stood the test of time. One such brand is Viking. Originally founded in 1908 the company has over 100 years of experience in producing bikes to exacting standards. No strangers to sporting victory, Viking's road and racing bikes are considered among the finest in the world and have moved with technology to constantly improve their specifications. Today's road range incorporates Shimano integrated gear changers and stronger, lighter carbon forks for added efficiency. Viking bikes are designed around performance and as such, lightweight alloy frames and wheel rims are standard on the sporting models, including the hybrid urban, urban sport and trekking models. These are all designed with speed and strength as the foremost priorities. For the less competitive rider, Viking have also moved into commuting with fixed wheel system, or 'Fixie' models for zipping around town and fold ups for the train traveller. Viking says these agile and practical designs are the perfect travelling companion. Modern Viking models, despite their technological advances, are retrospective with a nod to the company's heritage in their livery. Many models offer traditional style leather saddles others come equipped with modern performance saddles, all however, offer comfort as standard. From heritage to modern racers, tandems to fixies, shoppers to electric; Viking bikes offer the rider a unique part of the development of cycling tradition.