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Promoted item:VW LT Recovery Truck

VW LT Recovery Truck

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About Recovery Truck

Recovery trucks make ideal part-time businesses if you are working full time and are looking for a reliable source of extra income. These tough, dependable vehicles can last many years if maintained properly. Types of Recovery Truck There are four main types of recovery truck on the market: Light Recovery Vehicles, Heavy Recovery Vehicles, Transporters and Accident Units. Light Recovery Vehicle are converted vans designed to assist with helping to recover smaller vehicles (up to 2 tons) and are fully equipped with a range of tools, a hydraulic winch and a work bench for emergencies. Heavy Recovery Vehicles help larger vehicles (including commercial lorries). Many come with heavy duty winches designed to lift upwards of 50,000 lbs. Transporters are recovery trucks intended to transport vehicles to their owner's home or a location such as a garage. They are equipped with a slidebed for the vehicle, winches and straps to hold it securely. Accident Units help vehicles involved in accidents. Often the vehicle will be severely damaged, so their purpose is to take it off the pavement or motorway and take it to the scrap yard or garage (if it's deemed repairable). Recovery truck equipment Recovery trucks come with a variety of equipment to help in emergencies. Ramps help ease the vehicle on to the slidebed, ready to be secured. A set of replacement wheels with a range of washers, nut and bolts is essential. These are stored in mounting brackets for easy access. A jack is needed to change tyres quickly. Recovery trucks come with smaller models that are easy to move in crowded spaces and can be put away quickly. Recovery trucks come with winches (either hydraulic or electric) to assist vehicles and help load them onto the slidebed if needed. LED warning beacons and strobe lights help the vehicle owner and other road users identify the recovery truck. Recovery truck drivers wear high visibility jackets so other drivers can see them clearly at night. Heavy duty gloves and boots are needed when handling vehicles. Replacement Parts Recovery trucks are dependable vehicles but it's important to make sure the brakes are in good working order. Lights need to be checked for any blown bulbs and safety features such as seatbelts need to be maintained regularly.