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About La Senza

La Senza is a Canadian-based retailer of women's lingerie that was credited with helping men buy underwear for their girlfriends and wives in a welcoming environment. Based near Montreal, the company owns and operates more than 300 La Senza stores in Canada and almost 500 in other countries. Irving Teitelbaum started La Senza after working in a department store and then starting his own womenswear shop. Noticing the splash that Victoria Secret had made in the lingerie market, Teitelbaum and his partners opted to create La Senza. Senza means 'without' and they added La to create a luxurious feel. The underwear was designed in-house and manufacturing outsourced. The first La Senza shop opened in 1990 in Ottawa. The brand soon spread around the world, under a franchise arrangement and La Senza is now a household name. Focusing on sensible prices and quality underwear, La Senza has carved out a reputation as an 'above board' underwear manufacturer that has none of the seedy connotations of the shops that went before it. Enlisting top models like Lauren Gold, Sophie Anderton and many more helped La Senza's cause in convincing the public that it was perfectly normal to buy sexy lingerie. Like most it has branched out into other forms of clothing and now has a full line-up of daywear, loungewear and fragrances. It's a favourite amongst women, as well as the men that buy the apparel for them.