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Julian Dunkerton founded Cult Clothing in 1985, while James Holder was busy with his Bench clothing company. The two combined to open the first shop under the Superdry name in 2004. The name came about after a brainstorming session in a Tokyo bar and that also explains the Japanese writing on the label that is the translation of the company name. The Japanese influences on the entire range are strong and there are a number of lines inspired by Manga and Japanese cartoons. Superdry has enjoyed a rapid ascent to the summit of the retail world since the launch, with a nationwide expansion in 2008 and subsequent international expansion into 40 countries worldwide. Cult Clothing was initially aimed at the skater and student community and the clothes are aimed at the urban youth that still have an eye for brands. David Beckham famously wore several of the brand's T-shirts in a calendar shoot and was photographed in a Brad leather jacket in 2004. Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Pixie Lott have also been pictured in Superdry clothing, which helped to elevate the brand into an international label. Now Superdry has a full range, from the jackets and T-shirts that made them famous through to hats, wallets and even iPhone covers. Superdry has gone from strength-to-strength and was the first clothing company to float on the stock exchange since the financial crisis. More than that, though, it has become an institution in its own right and despite high prices its clothes are highly coveted by today's fashion conscious youth.