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When it comes to stamping your personality on your surroundings there are a wealth of options open to you both in the home and garden. Adding a little of your own style to your home however large or small needn't be a difficult or expensive task if you don't want it to be, as there are lots of updates you can make that will instantly change the appearance and feel of your space. Interiors are brightened by a lick of paint or some new wallpaper, personal prints on the walls and the introduction of statement furniture like a well-made arm chair or sofa. Finishing touches can be added by soft furnishings a change of curtain fabric and small accessories like lamps and cushions. Even electrical goods like kettles can introduce a little design flair! Moving outdoors, garden products like planters can help you make the most of smaller gardens, while those with larger spaces can introduce landscaping, decking or even build their own pond and do as little or as much gardening as they like. For some, a simple garden patio complete with trellis or gazebo is the key to enjoying the outdoors, which often plays home to family pets housing rabbit hutches and dog kennels. And for those with a conservatory, home and garden products make it easier to enjoy both the interior and exterior of the home all year round by making use of wicker furniture, throws and indoor shrubs. Whatever your personal style, take inspiration from the small things and express yourself with home and garden items and accessories that enhance your environment and make your life more comfortable.