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About Door Handles

Door handles are essential, in conjunction with a latch, for making doors stay shut. When buying a door handle you should keep this practical element in mind, while also considering their decorative aspect. Door handle shapes are normally either round (door knob) or in the shape of a lever. Knob-shaped handles can be harder for very young, or very old or weak people to operate as they require a firm grip. For this reason, most public buildings have lever-shaped handles as they do not need as much pressure to operate. Door handles are often quite plain in design, but they can have a great deal of delicate decoration. They often represent the style of the day, so a door handle which was manufactured in the 1920s may have a design reminiscent of Art Deco styling. They also come in a wide range of materials, although these are usually metal of some kind. Some older door knobs may be wooden. Some metals have anti-bacterial properties, such as brass, copper, and silver (although it may be extremely unusual to find a silver door handle). This 'self-cleaning' style of door handle works on a nano-level, gradually destroying bacteria which has been transferred by hand. This can be a relatively important property, depending on the location of the door handle. In buildings where there is a high risk of the spread of infection, such as doctors' surgeries and hospitals, it may be very useful to have self-cleaning door handles.