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About Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are popular window coverings that are commonly used in modern homes. Homeowners tend to choose Roman blinds for their aesthetic appeal, as they can be made from any choice of fabric. This means that homeowners can choose from a huge range of textures and patterns to complement the interior decor of any room in the house. Roman blinds can be bought pre-made or can be produced at home with some basic knowledge and the correct size of fabric to fit the size of the window. Function The construction and mechanism of a Roman blind is fairly simple. The blind consists of a single panel of fabric which hangs from horizontal bars. These bars are raised by pull cords connected to the top of the blind, which in the process, also raises the fabric in a number of even pleats. Benefits Unlike other forms of window blind, like slatted and Venetian blinds, Roman blinds block out the light using a single panel of fabric, which is even more effective when blackout fabric is used. The Roman blind is simple to use, and can quickly and easily be drawn up above the window to let light in during the day, or drawn down at night for extra privacy. A Roman blind can be used as a decorative feature within a room, creating an elegant focal point, whether the blind is fully closed or partially open. This is particularly useful for coordinating colour and pattern in contemporary homes, if the decor is minimalistic.