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Jewellery & Watches

Jewellery has been an important part of human cultural since the early days of the Egyptians. It has been used to generate fashionable outfits, creative art forms and even exciting Christmas gifts. Types of jewellery There are many forms of accessory including watches. They are used to tell the time when on the move but are highly desirable additions for people across the world. They are worn by both men and women around the wrist. The strap is usually made from tough material such as leather or fabric. Many watches also have built in compasses for those users looking for assistance in the great outdoors. It is also possible to purchase waterproof watches and jewellery that are ideal for use in extreme weather. Necklaces and Rings Necklaces are traditionally worn by females. They are hung around the neck; often made with diamonds different designers use materials such as glass, gold and silver. Gold is regarded as the premier material and a modified material named white gold is highly popular. Rings are also common items of jewellery worn by both sexes and exchanged by married couples as a sign of commitment. These are available in various sizes to suit individual finger shapes. Earrings As the name suggests, they are small items attached to the ears, often as formal wear. These also include eye catching designs and made to include diamonds. There are two main types which are easily identified by their sizes. The first is a small stud, the second a larger hanging format made common during the 1980s.