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Musical Instruments

The term 'musical instruments' applies to a broad spectrum of items, but throughout our history right up to modern day, where would we be without music? As they say, it heals the soul and can bring a wealth of emotion and colour into our lives. Musical instruments are a fun and creative way for us to express ourselves, and with such a wide variety to choose from, there's something for everyone - even for some of the less musically gifted among us. There are many different pianos and keyboards for the musically interested, and they can come in many different designs and beautiful finishes that can look fantastic on display in the home. The violin or fiddle are both intricate and rewarding musical instruments to learn, although they can take a lot of practice. There is such a plethora of string instruments to look into, including the mandolin or the banjo. Going an entirely different route, you could learn a wind instrument such as the flute or the trombone. A trumpet can also be fun to play. For the more rock -n roll, the drums are a fun and engaging (albeit noisy) instrument for a young person to learn, especially if they are looking to get involved in a band. Otherwise, why not learn electric or bass guitar? The options are practically endless. Musical instruments make a great gift for people of all ages, but especially young people if they take music as a subject and have expressed an interest in wanting to learn a specific instrument.