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Hi all. I am downsizing my studio and selling this excellent Roland Integra 7 sound module. It has hardly been used and is in excellent condition. It comes with usb cable, mains cable, manual and orig...
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Korg Volca Keys is part of a new lineup of EDM production tools comprised of three distinct models: the Volca Keys Loop Synthesizer, the Volca Bass Synthesizer, and the Volca Beats Rhythm Machine.
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The large, easy-to-read display allows you to navigate through the Blofeld's 1,000-plus sounds and settings. In addition to its incredible tweakability, you get easy USB connectivity for editing and m...
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Mopho Keyboard in great physical condition, full working order. This is a reluctant sale as I love the Prophet sound but I'm clearing out as we prepare to move so it has to go!
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Rack mount analog bass synthesizer with CV, GATE, and MIDI inputs + audio IN for external source. Sounds very fat.
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2 of new 4006B 18-stage static shift register CMOS ICs, as used for white and random noise generation within the EDP Wasp and Gnat, Transcendent 2000 and many other synths and drum machines.
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I am downsizing my home studio and I am selling a Technics WSA1R synth module for spares or repair. The synth produces random sounds. But great condition display and other parts.
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A little about this:The JV-80 was an excellent mid-nineties digital synthesizer in its time. It helped lay the foundation for the laterJV-1080 ,JV-2080 and XP-series synths.
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After that time the item will be offered to someone else in a "Second Chance Offer" or re-listed for sale. Please be aware it is Ebay's policy to list certain items with "Product Information" they hol...
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My Moog little phatty stage 2 is up for grabs, This is an amazing analogue mono synth in fantastic condition, It has has very little use since bought from new as I always seem to go for the older synt...
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Very rare drum synth grant ds7,working order.
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Mutable Instruments Shruthi SMR4 MK2 Mono Synth. Full specification and details click here Mutable Instruments Shruthi. The Manual can be viewed here Shruthi Manual. Other Synth Kits built to any spec...
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From Spain
Antenna Controlled Pitch Theremin. 1-SOUND FX played with Our Theremin ( effect added: short delay ) 1- Analog Theremin, handmade, fully assembled and ready to play!
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The VG-88 uses advanced COSM® technology to "model" the most popular guitars and amplifiers in history, as well as produce some very unique "guitar-meets-synth" sounds of its own.
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Here we have a YAMAHA AN1X SYNTHESISER - previously unboxed and powered up but has NEVER been used ! This synth was sat on a table for a few months and never once wired up to anything except the mains...
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I have owned this from new since late 2012 and probably used it a handful of times.
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From United States
The JP-8080 Analog Modeling Synthesizer Module offers an advanced Analog Modeling sound engine with 10-note polyphony, powerful External Audio Synthesis, a unique built-in Voice Modulator and SmartMed...
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Comes with hard case for maximum protection. In good working condition. Some minor scuffs and scratches on it. No manuals available. No accessories. No cards.just the keyboard and power lead are for s...
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Great retro item, Purchased over a year ago in working order but not used since. 2 of the rubber feet are missing (see photo) Requires an adapter, selling as unit only. Very low start price so dive in...
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From United States
Cables Conditioners Controllers Amplifiers DJ Gear Drum Machines Dynamics Effects Equalizers Guitars/Amps Interfaces Keyboards Mic Pres Microphones Mixers Modular Monitors/Subwo​ofers Parts/Accessor​i...
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A used synthesizer/vocoder all works as new. No cosmetic damage and still has box and all paperwork.
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From United States
Cables Conditioners Controllers Amplifiers DJ Gear Drum Machines Dynamics Effects Equalizers Guitars/Amps Interfaces Keyboards Mic Pres Microphones Mixers Modular Monitors/Subwo​ofers Parts/Accessor​i...
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Selling an EMU MK6 Keyboard Synth in full working order, manual included. Is in good condition with a few nicks and scratches here and there. Has not been gigged with, selling on to raise funds for ot...
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With manual. Superb working condition.
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From United States
Shipping costs may vary from one country to another. This unit came from a home studio. The previous owner was more of a hobbiest, so it has very little use. Tested and in 100% working order.
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The TX81Z was designed as a low-cost FM machine and has always been relatively inexpensive compared to most other FM synthesizers.
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Legendary Dutch sound designer Rob Papen and E-MU have teamed up again to bring you an arsenal of electronica sounds that will pump life into your Techno/Dance tracks like nothing else.
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I am downsizing my home studio and selling a Korg 05/R sound module. The listing discription and photo will be updated shortly.
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Selling due to lack of use :( This is an amazingly versatile synth and I would love to see it go to a good home. The body has some very slight cosmetic damage but nothing significant.
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From Australia
Platform: eurorack module. Wired for instant access to classic tones without needing a single patch cable, the Synthesizer Box is a modern, complete semi-modular, monophonic synthesizer module.
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