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Pottery, Porcelain & Glass

Whether its Irish crystal collectables, chunky Staffordshire mugs or a fine Dutch vase, pottery, porcelain and glassware are great for adding style and a homely feel to your house or flat. Eating and Drinking New crockery will easily update the look in your kitchen or dining room. Choose an elegant dinner set in a fresh colour that complements your existing scheme. A selection of mismatched plates and bowls can create a 'shabby chic' look. Apply at least one unifying factor - look for pieces of similar size and shape and choose, for example, all blue florals, all yellow stripes, or the same design in a variety of colours. Don't forget to colour coordinate with your decor too. A set of matching mugs in bold or sophisticated colours can really brighten up a neutral kitchen. Think about boosting the effect with coordinating storage jars and table condiment sets. Living rooms and bedrooms A vase doesn't have to be rare Tang dynasty to add a dash of individualism and class to your living space, but quality shows. Whether you prefer traditional styling or want to cut a contemporary dash, look out for hand-finished porcelain or mouth blown glass from celebrated centres, or artist-designed creations. Collectables Pottery, porcelain and glassware offer fantastic potential for collectors. Particularly because of the fragile nature of these pieces, some enjoy seeking out the rare remaining examples of fine crockery ranges from the past. Others love to build sets of new, quality decorative figurines.