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About Spiderman

Since he was created over fifty years ago, Spiderman has become a global phenomenon and now enjoys a similar level of recognition as the much older superhero characters, Superman and Batman. Created for the Marvel comic book company by the veteran writer and editor Stan Lee and the brilliant artist Steve Ditko, Spiderman had an inauspicious debut. The comic book for which his feature was intended to be an ongoing series, Amazing Fantasy, was cancelled due to low sales. The last issue was number 15, dated August, 1962 and contained the first Spiderman tale. However, the character must have struck a chord with the readership because the sales of that final issue were strong enough to warrant bringing the red and blue clad character back in his very own regular comic, The Amazing Spiderman. The Lee and Ditko concept of a super heroic every-man who was simply an angst ridden teenager in his civilian identity, and who could make very human mistakes, was a winner. The comic went from strength to strength and within a few years was outselling the venerable Superman. A TV. series starring Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker/Spiderman was filmed in the late 1970s but did not prove hugely popular. It was only when special effects technology had developed to the point where Spiderman's wall crawling and web swinging feats could be convincingly portrayed on the big screen that his successful transition into movies came. With a number of blockbuster movies featuring the character and his comics continuing to sell well, Spiderman related items are highly collectable. In addition to the comics, enthusiasts can buy Spiderman costumes, action figures, wrist-worn web shooters and games.